Content Showcase

Selected Examples:

Posts on own blog -

  • Minimum Viable Product is Not a Milestone, It is a Continuous Journey of Product Discovery (link)
  • Don't Skip Pre-Roll Video Ad, Minimize it into an Inset-Frame (link)
  • New-age online ads needs new measurement metric - propensity to respond (link)
  • Allow users to minimize interstitial ads in in-app advertising (link)
  • What marketing can learn from relationships (link)
  • Visualizing Facebook friendships - an Indian perspective (link)

Blog posts for employers SecureDB and ShopSocially:

  • HubSpot and ShopSocially present strategies for profitable e-commerce with Facebook (link)
  • Why developers don't encrypt? (link)
  • Harnessing the power of social influencers for driving social commerce (link)
  • Propel social commerce using deep insights from social media analytics (link)
  • E-book - 5 must-have strategies for to boost conversion, get referrals and generate 10X ROI (link)

Guest Posts on partner and industry media:

  • Building an integrated loyalty program that works online and offline (link) - guest blog post on partner
  • The New Social - article in US footwear fashion magazine FootwearPlus (link)

Press Releases:

  • ShopSocially and Present Strategies to Boost SEO Rank Using Social Signals (link)
  • Specialty Retailer Avenue® Registers 28.48% Sales Conversion Rate using ShopSocially’s Referral Marketing Program (link)
  • Complete list of press releases can be found here

Presentations for Events and Webinars:

  • Is Facebook Failing Marketers or Are Markerters Failing to Leverage Facebook - Presentation for a joint-webinar done by ShopSocially and HubSpot  (link)
  • 5 Must-Have Strategies to Boost Conversion, Get Referrals, and Generate 10x ROI - Presentation for a joint-webinar done by ShopSocially and Yahoo! (link)
  • As part of the consulting assignment, created a presentation for launch of real-time-bidding product at Ad:Tech Delhi 2012 (link)

Case Studies:

  • Plum District - Increasing Sales Conversion using Social Media (link)
  • Convert Website Visitors into High Quality Email Subscribers (link)

Casual Writing:

  • Book review: Kite Runner - Story of Guilt (link)
  • Book review: Empires of the Indus (link)
  • Dhaga Prem Ka (link)
  • Ghosts of the Past (link)